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Ricoh G800SE camera captures more than the picture!

Can your iPhone Capture Picture information!

Photo’s simplify data collection by giving you a clear representation of what you are trying to record. These photo’s are then loaded into a computer or database where notes are added at a later time.

Now lets simplify this process even more.

Use a Camera that can capture data right in the picture. Select what data you want to capture with the picture. This data can include information from a manual input, a preset list, recorded audio, a Gps location, a scanned bar code or a combination of them all. When done, you can securely send that data wirelessly back to your database. Saving you time and reducing data entry errors.

Check out this Ricoh G800SE camera, that can do all of the above and more.

Law Enforcement

Emergency Response

Asset Management


The G800SE provides unmatched simplicity and durability to streamline your workflow.
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