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Imagining the Future to Create Change

The rapid expansion of smart devices and cloud services has dramatically changed our working styles. With the spread of the mobile and cloud computing environments as well as paperless work, productivity can now increase without spacial or time constraints.

In anticipation of these global changes, Ricoh proposes new ways of working and new forms of value creation to its clients.

Of course Ricoh’s core business still consists in combining cloud-savvy document solutions with input/output devices such as MFPs and printers at the office. Recently, powerful ultra-high speed printers for commercial printing and cutting-edge projection systems were added to the lineup. In addition, we have long been working on energy-saving technologies to achieve a low-carbon society and optosensing technologies for a safe and secure society.

Ricoh’s core technologies that support these initiatives are:

  1. Precision mechatronics technology
  2. Optoelectronics technology
  3. Electrophotographic imaging technology
  4. Chemicals and materials technology
  5. High accumulation integrated circuit design technology
  6. Embedded software technologies in devices and application software technologies for personal computers and servers(e.g. Technologies for high speed and high-accuracy control of equipment and devices, image processing algorithms, and high-speed secure network communication)
  7. Technology for low-cost production of ultra-high-precision / high-accuracy processed and high performance parts

All of these core technologies have long been nurtured by Ricoh. They cover a wide range of areas and have great potential. They are part of our DNA. Ricoh is also collaborating vigorously with universities and research institutions around the world, to foster open innovation and build business alliances. In the meantime, we are constantly acquiring technologies in new fields. We organically combine these fundamental assets to give our customers a competitive edge. Ricoh is in the process of transforming its business structure by offering solution services based on information and communication technologies (ICT) and by moving into new areas such as industrial and consumer markets . In this way we are evolving into a services-led company based on mono (products) and koto (services). We envisage a future made possible by continued innovation in working styles.

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