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No Time to Create Lesson Plan

After spending 23 years in teaching, I have made many friendships with other teachers. When we talk about teaching, it is always the same thing…the job is getting overwhelming. Teachers are burning out. In order to do a good job, teachers are spending hours after school hours to prepare lessons, coach, write report cards, meet with parents, understand and utilize new technology that is being is introduced. Principals and superintendents must be aware that teachers are under increasing stress and this is not conducive to a healthy learning environment. What can be done? Well, there needs to be a way to make lesson preparation easier especially when the technology is available. Our company has discovered a new product for teachers that will reduce the time taken to prepare lessons and a way for teachers to use and enjoy the technology that is being introduced more and more into the classroom. Book a demo with me and I can show you how to relieve teacher stress and make teachers enjoy teaching again.

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