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School districts invest a ton in presentation and teaching tools for their classrooms. Digital white boards, laptops, chrome books and tablets have been installed in thousands of classrooms but administrators, principals and teachers are disappointed with their use.

Why aren’t they used to their full potential? There is a missing link (as they say). The educators have the technology but stumble when it comes time to use the technology in the classroom. Imagine that a teacher is planning to teach the area of an irregular polygon tomorrow. Today, the tech coordinator installs a new touch sensitive display and tablets for all the students. That sounds great, it sounds progressive and it sounds exciting. BUT, how will the teacher use that technology to teach the lesson tomorrow? The teacher needs content and tools to enable the technology. You can ask them to find the content and tools themselves but that often ends in disappointment. We believe that if you provide the teachers with basic content and tools to make their technology work, they will incorporate it immediately and never look back. With Onboard Academics lessons, that same teacher can search for and use a lesson on the area of an irregular polygon within minutes.

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