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MCSI Group has joined forces with Insource Corp.

MCSI Group and our printing division is dedicated to improving your communication and workflow by identifying unused resources, waste processes, and untapped markets. We provide a current state analysis through analyzing communication based workflow and offering solutions. Solutions consist of efficiency and process consulting, improved equipment, technology, and virtual solutions software.

In an effort to further expand our resources in communication and workflow processes, MCSI Group has now joined forces with Insource Corporation. Together we provide Western Canada with a unique and diverse solution based product line. Our companies work together to help your business improve efficiencies and increase your bottom line.

Insource Corp is a technology supplier and service provider in the paper handling marketplace including, but not limited to, mailing, printing, bindery, fulfillment and packaging. Some of the applications include:

• Inserting
• Label Printing
• Tabbing
• Inkjet printers from Kirk Rudy, Astro, Memjet, Postmark, and Riso
• Folding
• Gluing & wrapping
• Packaging Products
• Numerous Bindery Applications
• Customizable Camera Systems (verification, matching, selective inserting etc..)

Do you have a challenge that needs to be addressed? Or something isn’t working but you are not sure what? Think of us. We have multiple sources and unique relationships that will help you identify and solve workflow and communication problems. Visit our websites and to take a look at some of our success stories, some unique applications, and the products that are available. Follow the link to Insource Corp to see their impressive lineup of equipment. All is available to you through us.

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